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  • Your thighs are purple and green, and I'm not interested in what you've got between them. She looked hot, hot, hot, and he didn't mean that temperature-wise.

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  • Ranger characters receive 60 character points to purchase class abilities.
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    The illuminations must not be lumped together with the Cycle in one amorphous mass. The tutor will charge what he thinks he can get away with, based on either greed or reputation.

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    First, most of these worlds are quite populous, wealthy, and content, and pursue a consensual domestic policy, both locally and for the League as a whole, in which disputes which might draw a veto are unlikely to arise.

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    Presently the bottom of the gorge began to slope more rapidly. Erik reached down and -ran his hand along the animal's left rear leg, and the gelding obligingly raised his foot.

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  • The First Post

    Well I’ve finally done it. After a week or so of slaving over my computer trying to teach myself PHP, XHTML, CSS i have finally managed to produce a blog and get it online. And if you don’t mind me saying so - I don’t think I did half bad at all! Granted I did steal code from some premade themes, but hey thats the learning process for you.

    I’m quite tired though now so I’m going to leave it with this and get cracking on sorting out the site to get it to look exactly how I want it to.


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  • Well, their main job is to keep it from the Muggles that there's still witches an wizards up an down the country. But the attack ran deeper than a mere physical clasp.
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  • She looked up at the sky and noted the dark, heavy clouds. The entire message of the Bible was con densed into this one tiny sentence by the Holy Spirit, who had inspired John to write it down.
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  • Cove Hold had a changing population among the archivists and harpers who were organizing the vast amount of information which Aivas was constantly producing.

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  • Well, I go no farther until I know what has happened to Shea, even if it means giving up the quest and searching until I find him.
  • While he was about it, he had looked up physical records of Dora's parents in Krausmeyer's ill-kept files, found nothing to worry him and it had indeed worried him, as he would not have been able to cope even with anything as simple as an Rh-factor incompatibility a long way from nowhere.
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  • Weber and Duane he knew very well, especially Duane who was a fixer, a politician, and a man with a hand in a number of illegal pies. NOTE: TARP'S LINK OF CHAIN As a symbol of his support for the narrator, Brother Tarp pulls from his pocket a worn metal link from a chain, and he gives it to the narrator as a token.
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